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This is a complete bibliography of books and journals in The Hive and the Honeybee: Selections from the E. F. Phillips Beekeeping Collection at Mann Library, organized by both author and title:

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Bolton, Jos. H.

Bomberger, W. M.

Bonham, Lynn

Bonney, C. T.

Booher, S. C.

A Book Worm

Boomer, A.

Boone, Wm.

Bornemann, Wilhelm

Bornitz, H.

Bosshard, Henry

Bosworth, Henry


Bourgmeyer, John

Bouteiller, F. P.

Boutelle, D. K.

Boutelle, D. R.

Bowditch, R. C.

Bowers, J. L.

Boyd, W. S.

Boylston, S. C.